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Hello clients! today we are going to talk about buy magic mushrooms, answering 3 key questions. How do magic mushrooms and ack in the body? buy magic mushrooms safe to use? and what to do if you have too many magic mushrooms?

Magic mushrooms grow in the ground and they contain a chemical called psilocybin. Upon ingestion, this chemical is metabolized into psilocin. Which then moves into the bloodstream and Psilocin is structurally similar to Serotonin. So it binds to the Serotonin receptors in your brain and has 2 main effects.

1- It stops Serotonin from being taken back up into your nerves, increasing the effect.

2- It also binds to the receptors to increase those feelings

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How does buy magic mushrooms affect you?

About 30 minutes after taking magic mushrooms. You will start to feel euphoric, and delusional and might even start to hallucinate. This is because magic mushrooms cause your brain to temporarily rearrange its neural networks. And as chemical messages pass through these new and undefined pathways. You will start to experience really vivid and unusual new perspectives of your environment.

Moreover, this is going to last for about 3 to 6 hours, depending on much amount of magic mushrooms you actually consume. If you consume too many magic mushrooms for sale, you will start to experience some negative effects of the buy magic mushrooms.

You will be restless, uncoordinated, and anxious and you might even freak out!. This is also known as a BAD TRIP mannn!

Luckily it is impossible to overdose on magic mushrooms. Theoretically, you will need to consume 19 grams of pure Psilocybin. Although it varies, magic mushrooms for sale are usually about one percent Psilocybin by weight. So that means you will need to consume 1.9 Kilograms worth of buy magic mushrooms. That is like an INSANE amount of magic mushrooms to consume.

Just don’t eat the many, don’t do it.. why would you eat that insane amount of magic mushrooms?

Are magic mushrooms safe?

The biggest danger when using magic mushrooms is getting the wrong kind of buy magic mushrooms. Mostly in the wild magic mushrooms are easily mistaken for other types of mushrooms. That might be non-edible or might be poisonous. This also means that you can mistake normal mushrooms for magic mushrooms. Imagine if you were cooking a meal for your friends and you want some fresh mushrooms and you accidentally used magic mushrooms instead.

We all know what is going to happen there. That is going to be a crazy evening, so do not go out and just pick random mushrooms. Don’t do it, please. The most toxic mushrooms are called Amanita Phalloides. But I know that it causes 95% of death by mushrooms poisonings. Eating them leads to Hyperglycemia or organ failure… don’t eat them!

Moreover, another thing to consider is that magic mushrooms show a wide variety in potency. One mushroom might contain only a very small amount of psilocybin. While the next buy magic mushrooms can contain 2 or 3 times as much of the same chemical. So that is something really important to keep in mind.

Effects of magic mushrooms?

If someone has taken too many buy magic mushrooms they might feel nauseous, anxious, paranoid, agitated even psychotic. So knowing the type of magic mushroom species can be really helpful. Unfortunately, you are probably not an experienced Mycologist, I highly doubt that!. And if you are can you send us an email. If you are not a Mycologist and you cant work out what species of magic mushrooms it is, it’s best just to treat the symptoms.

It is really important to talk to them. Try to calm them down, take them to a quiet place, and offer mental support. And if this isn’t an option or if they are just really too sick, that’s when you should take medical treatment.  A doctor can take very good care of them and keep them safe until they are feeling better. For more information please contact us on our contact page. We are a really great company that offers a lot of information about magic mushrooms.

Anyways that’s all for today guys!. If you have any questions about buy magic mushrooms please let us know through our contact page.

Buy magic mushrooms | magic mushrooms for sale